PM Narendra Modi’s Press Conference That Wasn’t

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi attended his first press conference in five years today, however he failed to take any questions. Mr. Modi passed on the questions to his close friend and BJP president Amit Shah.

PM Modi said, “No, no, not me. We don’t speak in front of the president.”

Soon after the press conference social media termed Mr. Modi’s attendance as an “appearance.”

The prime minister who was voted to power in 2014, hasn’t addressed a single press conference since his swearing in ceremony. He always preferred to have a one sided conversation through his radio talks, or interact with celebrities to evade real questions.

Even if Mr. Modi has done a press conference, the media outlet was of his choice and probably the questions as well. The opposition, and specially Congress president Rahul Gandhi has attacked Mr. Modi multiple times challenging him to face the press.

Indian prime minister’s since its 72 years of independence have always addressed press meets until Mr. Modi took over in 2014.

Below are a few reactions to Mr. Modi’s press appearance from social media:-

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