PM Narendra Modi Review : “Modi is a better actor than Vivek Oberoi” — Social Media Reactions

The film on Narendra Modi released a day after Mr. Modi won a second term to office. The film titled “PM Narendra Modi” directed by Omung Kumar, stars Vivek Oberoi  who plays the character of Modi.

The film starts with a lengthy disclaimer, as most of Mr. Modi’s life is twisted to portray him in colors of perfection.

The two hour long films starts with a young Modi who is an obedient son to his parents, a brilliant student and a patriot who has high regards for the Indian flag and soldiers.

The film has bike chases sequences, slow motion shots, monologue dialogues that compare running a government to making a perfect cup of tea.

The film completely ignores the 2002 Gujarat riots that occurred when he was chief minister, and the marriage that he walked out off.

In a dubious scene the films shows communal violence between two violent mins, and just when they’re about to go rogue they notice Mr. Modi on television and magically drop the weapons their holding, walking away peacefully and in harmony.

Apart from pleasing the regime and Mr. Modi, the film shows former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and Manmohan Singh in a poor light.

First post gave the movie zero stars, while India Today reviewers called said,”Vivek Oberoi did not have to act in the film. His impression of Modi is so off point that through the 2-hour-15-minute film, you are constantly comparing him to our Prime Minister and thinking… maybe Modi IS a better actor than Oberoi.”

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