PM Modi’s ANI Interview – 4 Points

As the election season was nearing the Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave an interview to Smita Prakash, the editor of news agency ANI.
The Prime Minister spoke on a whole range of issues, here we have clubbed for you some important questions that matter.

  • On demonetisation of old ₹500 and ₹1000 currency notes –

On the 8th November, 2016 the Modi administration scrapped the 500 and 1000 currency notes. The Prime Minister Modi said that demonetisation decision was not a “jhatka” (shock).
He said claimed that he had given enough chance to black money hoarders to declare their wealth, and get away with a penalty.
{The Pigeon Express Opinion– PM Narendra Modi failed to answer the specifics on demonetisation like the impact it had on the economy, the 100 odd deaths that occured during demo, and about the entire 500 & 1000 notes entering the banking system.}

  • On relation and talks with Pakistan and China –

PM Modi reiterated that India wants friendly ties with its neighbours.

China – As soon as PM Modi met Chinese premier Xi Jinping there was border standoff between Indian and Chinese troops in Doklam. The Prime Minister said that India should be judged based on the response it gave back in Doklam, that both sides had to pull back and China halted construction work in the region.

Pakistan – India’s diplomacy with Pakistan halted after a series of cross-border terrorism acts and infiltration bids. PM Modi said “India never objected to a dialogue with Pakistan, we only say one thing that amid the noise of bombs and guns, the dialogue cannot be heard”.

  • On the growing chorus of Ram Mandir –

On the growing chorus for bringing an ordinance to build a Ram temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya, PM Modi said the party would wait for the judicial process to get over.

The Supreme Court of India is currently hearing the matter, the issue has been pending in the Indian judiciary since 1949.
{The Pigeon Express Opinion– The BJP manifesto, its allies and their parent organization RSS has publicly demanded for the government to issue an ordinance. The Prime Minister’s stand on the issue will not go well with the party cadres and supporters of the Ram Mandir.}

  • On the resignation of former RBI governor Urjit Patel

Prime Minister Narendra Modi revealed that Urjit Patel informed him 6-7 months before resigning. He said that there was no political pressure behind Patel’s resignation.
{The Pigeon Express Opinion– It is very much in public domain that the government of India had issues with the functioning of the RBI, it deteriorated so much that the government had to invoke section 7 to direct policies to the RBI. We must should wait for Urjit Patel to come out with his side of the story.}

(pics and bits from ANI)

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