PM Justin Trudeau vows to help Canadians financially amid coronavirus outbreak

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for coronavirus after returning from a trip to London, a statement from the PM’s office said on Thursday.

The first lady of Canada had returned from a speaking engagement in Britain and had mild flu-like symptoms, including a low fever, late on Wednesday night.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed Canadians from Rideau Cottage on Friday vowing that the federal government will “help Canadians financially” in the midst of a snowballing COVID-19 pandemic.

“No one should have to worry about paying rent, buying groceries or additional childcare because of COVID-19,” Trudeau said. “We will help Canadians financially.”

“The government of Canada will be introducing significant fiscal stimulus packages in the days ahead.”

“Her symptoms remain mild, but we are following medical advice and taking every precaution,” Trudeau said. “She will remain in isolation for the time being.”

“I want to be clear I have no symptoms,” he added. “I’m feeling good and technology allows me to work from home.”

The couple is now self-isolating.

Mr Trudeau who is in good health and has no symptoms, but will remain in isolation for 14 days.Canada has more than 140 confirmed cases, with one death – an elderly nursing home resident in British Columbia.

Canada announced on a C$1bn ($728m; £562m) coronavirus response fund to deal with the pandemic on Wednesday.

The funding package will help the country address the domestic impact of the virus and to support further research, including vaccine development.