Plane delivers pizza and beer to locked-down places in Australia

Ever heard of pizza and beer being delivered by an airplane. Well, it is happening in Australia. With everything under lockdown, a plane is being used to deliver pizzas in the cattle ranches situated in the extreme ends of Australia.

Gary Frost, who is also a pilot, owns the Dunmarra Wayside Inn. It is situated 315 km south of Katherine. The usually bustling diner, became quite because of the lockdown. As most of the cattle stations are situated far and people cannot leave their property and come to the diner.

As people could not come to him, he started delivering pizza along with other essentials in his small plane.

He told ABC, “Nobody can go anywhere, they’re limited to how they get their supplies and refreshments. We make pizzas at Dunmarra roadhouse anyway, so we thought we would get all the pizzas together and see if they were interested, if we can fly them out, so they don’t have to leave the properties.”

People are loving the idea and calling Frost for deliveries. The initial trial run was to deliver food and alcohol to places within a 100 km. But now with more people calling him for deliveries, he plans to extend the delivery to over 400 km once a week.

He said, “We’ve been getting quite a good response actually, everybody is quite excited about it. I suppose the cost of it is prohibitive as a commercial venture, but we’re not doing it as a commercial venture. We’re just doing it as a friendly gesture to try and help people out and create the right atmosphere.”

Along with pizza and beer, Gary also delivers mail to people.