Pittsburgh bus that fell in sinkhole is available as a souvenir

A bus in Pittsburgh fell backward into a gaping sinkhole on October 28, leaving the front half hanging several feet above the road.

The Port Authority bus was stopped at a red light when a rectangular hole in the street opened up beneath it, swallowing the back half of the bus.

Only the driver and one passenger were on board when the bus fell in. Both were safely able to exit, and the lone passenger was being treated for minor injuries.

Another car just behind the bus stopped short of the sinkhole, and the driver safely exited the vehicle.

A tow truck later dragged the fallen bus out of the street.

Two days after the incident a local artist has created an ornament of the incident. Pittsburgh artist Toby Fraley posted the 2019 Sinkhole Commemorative Ornament on social media.

The hand-painted ornament is available for purchase online for $30 according to Fraley’s website.

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