Pilot’s wife was monitoring IAF AN-32 from ATC when it went missing

Sandhya Tanwar, the wife of IAF pilot Ashish Tanwar, who was flying the AN-32 that went missing from Assam, was at the air traffic control when his jet took off. She watched and listened to her husband’s jet carrying 12 others go missing on the radar up close.

According to a report in the newspaper, the Indian Express, Sandhya was monitoring the Indian Air Force (IAF) Air Traffic Control (ATC) room at 12:25 pm when her husband’s AN-32 took off from Jorhat in Assam.

The jet was headed towards a base in Mechuka in Arunachal Pradesh when it went off the radar around 1 pm on Monday. It has been four days since the jet went missing, but it’s yet to be traced.

The Indian Air Force, Indian Army and Indian Navy have all deployed strategic assets to find the missing transport carrier.

Soon after the Jet went missing, she called up her family in Haryana. The family is shattered with the news and there is no end to their respite even after four days as no remnants of the aircraft have been found so far.