Pigeons and its poop greets student, after he accidently left open windows of his apartment while leaving in March

20-years-old Oluwageorge Johnson left his accommodation in March 2020 due to the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Unfortunately , while leaving the house, he forgot to close the windows. As a result, the house was left open for unwanted guests and has now been completely ruined by the pigeons.

According to a report published in Ladible, he had got a mail from the university in which he was informed that some strange noises were being heard from his apartment. It is after this information that he went to check and found out that the pigeons had completely destroyed the house.

Oluwageorge, a media and communications student at Nottingham Trent University, told the Ladible, “I just wish I had not seen it myself. Then I might be able to sleep at night. I wanted to go back to university last week but I am going to wait a bit now. I am never leaving a window open again. Everyone is shook. Coronavirus had been about so my parents turned up out of the blue to take me back home.”

He further revealed that he had been out for around five months and during that time his window was left open. He also left some of his things including a toaster, clothes etc. One can also spot pigeon poop splattered all over the floor and in the wardrobe.