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Pigeon who can’t fly is best friends with puppy who can’t walk

A bunch of adorable images of a pigeon and a two-month-old puppy cuddling has melted hearts on the internet.

The images were shared on the Facebook page of Mia Foundation, a rescue organization based in Rochester, New York. “I see a new friendship blooming. Herman and Lundy,” read the caption.

CNN reported that the pigeon’s name is Herman and it can’t fly, whereas the Chihuahua pup’s name is Lundy, it can’t walk due to certain deformities.

The duo, who befriended each other at the Mia Foundation, has now become inseparable and spends most of the time snuggling up.

Lundy arrived at the foundation two months back, after his South Carolina breeder sent him to Sue Rogers, the founder of the nonprofit organization. The pup suffers from a condition known as swimmers syndrome and can’t use his hind legs.

Herman was rescued from parking lot of a car dealership, where he was spotted sitting unmoved for three whole days. On realizing that the poor bird can’t fly, the rescuers handed it over to the foundation. Herman suffers from a neurological damage.

Talking to Fox News, Rogers said that she put Herman and Lundy in a dog bed and they looked adorable. This gave her the idea to click some pictures and post it on Facebook. She was overwhelmed by the response.

Quoting Rogers, CNN added that the pictures have helped the organization raise $6,000 in just two days.