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Pigeon poops on lawmaker discussing pigeon poop problem on live TV

Illinois 40th district state representative, Jaime Andrade, was caught in a rather bizarre and unprecedented situation while doing a live interview.

In an interview with a CBS 2 reporter, Andrade was discussing a rather gross, but perhaps important issue that has been plaguing commuters in Chicago’s Irving Park CTA stop, aka the “pigeon poop station.”

While he was talking to the reporter in perhaps not the most favourable tone bout the plight of commuters who must cross the pigeon-infiltrated station on a daily basis and dodge an insane amount of pigeon excreta, it seemed as if the pigeons could comprehend what he was saying, and a particular pigeon took one for the team. It’s target? The politician’s head.

After some initial awkwardness when was trying to figure out if the irony had indeed happened, “Oh, did I just get..? No, I didn’t. I did, didn’t I?,” Andrade, took it humorously and said, “That’s what happens to my constituents. They get sh** on all the time.”

Social media were amused with the incident.

Below are a few reactions.

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