Pigeon flies inside flight, passengers try to catch it but fail

In a bizarre incident, a pigeon entered a GoAir Flight that was to fly from Ahmedabad to Jaipur, leading to delay by about 30 minutes. The bird was seen inside the cabin as the plane was preparing for take-off.

In a mobile video inside the GoAir flight G8702, the pigeon is seen flying from one corner to the other, with many passengers laughing and taking videos. A passenger even tried to catch the bird with his hands, but failed. The passengers are seen asking the cabin crew for assistance.

After a struggle, the pigeon was finally let out by opening one of the plane’s door.

The flight, which was supposed to land at Jaipur airport at 6.15 pm, reached at 6:45 pm.

Occasionally, birds entering planes incident are uncommon, but large birds do cause significant damage and sometimes even cause a crash if they get sucked into airplane engines.