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Picture collage of Duchess of Sussex paints Prince William in poor light

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle posted a heartfelt collage of Prince Harry to celebrate his 35th birthday, but a psychologist claims one particular image was used to send a clear message.

The picture (above) shows the brothers back in 2000 on the 100th birthday celebrations of the Queen Mother.

Psychologist believe the Duchess used the photograph to make a “curated message” that has come over “loud and clear”.

“It doesn’t paint William in the best light because there are loads of pictures of them being very brotherly together and that isn’t one of them. Harry looks pretty disgruntled with William, he looks like he’s cajoling him a bit.”

“Harry looks very solemn. It looks like he’s perhaps being teased by his older brother and not liking it much. He’s staring straight ahead, obviously irritated by William.”

The “odd” image choice “might reflect their relationship now, but it certainly didn’t reflect their relationship then.”

This just makes the rumours of a strong rift between the two brothers, which could be reflected in Meghan’s choice of pictures more real and believable.

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