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Pick pocketer steals wallet of former German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin

A pickpocket stole former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s wallet while she was shopping for groceries in Berlin last week.

Merkel’s wallet was in her handbag which was dangling from her shopping trolley when it was taken, according to reports.

Berlin police said the incident was reported at 11:30am on Thursday. Merkel did not call the police from the store, but went to a nearby police department to report the incident.

Merkel’s bodyguard, who was accompanying her in the grocery store, was unable to prevent the theft.

Merkel, who retired from politics last December, has a reputation for doing her own grocery shopping, with her choice of products occasionally coming under close scrutiny from the press when he was spotted buying a couple of bottles of wine during the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020.