Philadelphia’s abandoned 13.4kg cat finally finds a new and permanent home

A paunchy cat who was abandoned by her owner has found a new and permanent home.

The13.4 kilograms, which is much more than the usual weight of even the largest cats. The largest domesticated cat breed, Maine Coon also weighs not more than 9 kilograms.

The cat was found in a dog crate at the animal shelter ACTT Philly in Philadelphia, USA. The staff members of this shelter named her Lasagna, 6 ABC News reported.

Due to her heavy weight, Lasagna has difficulty in walking and cannot groom herself properly. Before her adoption, Sarah Barnett, Director of Development and Communication said, “She’s unfortunately very overweight, which can create a lot of medical issues, so we are hoping to find her a wonderful home that can help her lose the weight.”

ACTT Philly shared the news that their efforts have finally paid off and Lasagna has been adopted.

The report also adds that the budget of ACTT Philly was cut by a million dollars so even if people cannot adopt, they may donate to the shelter which is a temporary home for abandoned animals.