Pharmacist arrested for stealing masks, medicines from hospital amid coronavirus outbreak

A pharmacist from Pune was arrested for stealing a hundred masks, that are currently in high demand due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Suyash Pandhare, the 28-year-old is a pharmacist working with a renowned hospital in Pune. He hails from Vavarhire village of Maharashtra’s Satara district.

CCTV footage caught him stealing N95 masks worth Rs 1,253, injections worth Rs 9,597 and ointments worth Rs 1,750. Along with this were items worth Rs 23,100 which included Augmentin 625 mg tablets, calcium tablets, antacid capsules and renecar tablets which are used for kidney patients undergoing dialysis.

The incident came to light on Sunday.

In a police complaint filed the accused Suyash was spotted hurriedly walking away from the medical store section of the hospital. As people grew suspicious, the accused was asked why he was walking away from the medical store section early in the morning when it starts functioning.

Suyash cited the reason saying he had a night shift. However, he was seen carrying several bags. While frisking him, it was found that he was carrying items worth Rs 35,000. When the CCTV footage was analysed, it was confirmed that he stole all the items while it was dark.

Hospital authorities immediately filed a complaint with Koregaon Park police station. Officials at the hospital said that Suyash was working at the hospital for the past four years.

The accused was subsequently arrested by police and a case was filed against him under IPC section 381 (theft by an employed junior in his owner’s office).