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Pet cat missing since Surfside building collapse reunited with family

A pet cat that had been missing after the deadly surfside condo collapsed in Florida last month was miraculously found alive and reunited with his family.

The cat named Binx was spotted wandering near the rubble of collapsed Champlain Towers South on July 8 two weeks after the condo had come crashing down.

Binx was rescued by a volunteer feeding cats in the area after which he was taken to the rescue group Kitty campus before finally getting reunited with his family.

The feline belonged to the Gonzales family that used to live in an apartment on the 9th floor of the now collapsed condo towers, Miami Herald reported.

Angela and Edgar Gonzales lived in the building with their daughters, Deven and Tayler and their dog, Daisy. Angela and Deven were one of the first people to be rescued alive out of the collapsed building and admitted to a hospital. While Tayler was not present in the building at the time of collapse, Edgar is still missing.

A friend of the family speaking with the media said she wasn’t sure of how the cat managed to escape the deadly collapse, finding him was nothing less than a miracle.

The reunion offers a ray of hope for the family that has been going through a tough time after the collapse of the building on June 24.

Even two weeks after the collapse, the rescue teams are still carrying out the search operation. The collapse has left at least 79 people dead, while 61 others are still missing.

Many pet animals were also believed to be stuck under the rubbles of the collapsed condo.