Pet cat chases away an elephant that wandered into its territory looking for food

Cats are territorial creatures, much more than dogs. When someone intrudes their space an aggression kicks in, hence they use the chase and ambush tactic to quell the intrusion apart from making hissing sounds.

In a viral video a pet cat was successful in chasing away an elephant that wandered into its garden looking for food.

The incident happened in Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok area, where the three-year-old moggy named Simba was aggravated when a four-tonne jumbo tried to raid its home.

However, the ferocious feline stood its ground and was not intimidated by the enormous elephant.

The moggy, despite being very small in size, was pictured chasing away the jumbo by its owner.

According to residents, the elephant named Pai Salick is a known prankster and has a history of home intrusions in the neighbourhood in search of food. The 35-year old pachyderm lives in the nearby forest but often emerges from its hideout and walks around the homes at night looking for food and people know him, local park ranger Amnat Norasin said.

The house owner said, his cat is very territorial and doesn’t like the presence of other animals in its area.