Perth man fights to save his American pet bulldog after it mauled his Christmas Tinder date

Joshua Walker is fighting attempts to have his American bulldog “destroyed” after it bit his Tinder date that left her with a serious injury.

The 28-year-old man accepted most of the charges levied by the woman but has opposed the application to have his pet dog Texas “destroyed”.

The incident happened on Christmas last year. Walker interacted with the woman on Tinder, and thereafter, met her at a hotel for drinks. After their outing, she went to Joshua’s place and before she could enter his home, Joshua asked her to wait until he had secured Texas outside.

The Perth Magistrates Court was told that the woman put her hand out to Texas “to sniff” but it jumped and bit her on the face.

The bulldog bit a ‘chunk’ of the woman’s face and left a ‘hole’. She had to undergo undergo plastic surgery and required 21 stitches.

Owing to the dangerous attack by the dog on the woman, the council was “seeking to have the dog destroyed to ensure it was removed from the community.”

Joshua Walker has opposed the application to have Texas “destroyed,” and added that the dog is “missing” at the moment.