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Person who contracts coronavirus at Alabama parties win prize money

There is a sudden spike in the number of young people getting infected with coronavirus over the past recent weeks in the Tuscaloosa area of Alabama.

The reason for the is because several young people are throwing COVID-19 parties where the people who have the virus attend and the next person who contracts the virus receives a payout.

As per DCH Regional Medical Center on May  27, for 5-to-24 age group showed fewer than 10 positive tests, while ages 25 to 49 had fewer than 50. But by July 2, those numbers had risen to 357 for ages 5-24, and 587 for ages 25-49.

The weird trend of exposure at a party and winning money from ticket sales was first struck down as rumors by authorities. But later when infected young people showed videos of COVID-19 parties to hospital staff, this left authorities astonished.

On Tuesday, Tuscaloosa City Council passed a law to make face masks mandatory for 30 days.

The US state of Alabama has recorded 41,865 cases including 1,006 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.