People who spend more time on social media struggle to sleep at night, study finds

People who spend most of their time on social media are more likely to grind their teeth and struggle to sleep, a new study has found.

Researchers at Tel Aviv University studied the behaviour of people using normal smartphones, while others used the kosher phone without most of the apps.

Kosher phones, used by Israel’s ultra-orthodox communities, are stripped of most apps so the user doesn’t fall foul of strict religious practices.

After comparing and studying the sleeping habits and patterns of both type of users, it was found that regular smartphones would grind their teeth during the day, while only six per cent of kosher phone users would do same. Authors of the study claim that the survey aims at recommending people limit their social media use.

More use of social media also leads to a bad sleeping schedule where 20 per cent of regular phone users admitted waking up during the night, likely because of ‘fear of missing out,’ study explains.

Dr Pessia Friedman-Rubin while talking to Times of Israel said that people constantly check their phones due to fear of missing something, hence, they open their WhatsApp, Facebook and other apps all the times.

The study also suggests that one is more likely to hurt from jaw pain, grind their teeth and wake in the night because of more phone usage. Cycle of growing dependency on cellphones is formed, leading to anxiety and stress.

Freidman-Rubin suggests excessive use of smartphone can have negative symptoms despite the technology being important and notes that the public should be aware of the consequences it has on body and mind.