Passenger tries to smuggle peanut sack at Islamabad Airport

It’s illegal to carry food onboard airplanes, and authorities have caught some absurd items that people try to smuggle across the borders.

Norbert Almeida who worked with customs officials during the years 2000 to 2005 responded, “Through that period we’ve seen people try to smuggle baby turtles, scorpions, food items and of course drugs.”

He added, “I’ve been at the airport when carpets soaked in drugs were found. Computers with false screens and suitcases with false bottoms weren’t unusual findings. Walking canes and even wheelchairs stuffed with drugs were found.”

In recent incident where how innovative people who are trying to smuggle something can be. Norbert says, “Recently however something came through the security network that certainly left me appreciating the effort. A drug smuggler was caught with peanuts stuffed with drugs.”

The bust took place at Pakistan’s Islamabad Airport.

Source : Various