Passenger train derails amid bad weather in Scotland, 3 dead

Three people were killed after a passenger train derailed in Aberdeenshire at 6.38am on Wednesday.

Among the dead was the train driver, conductor and a passenger. Six people were injured and are not believed to be serious.

The train which derailed was made up of two locomotives – at the front and back – and four carriages.

Close to 30  emergency service vehicles deployed at the scene after the crash. The train was travelling from from Aberdeen to Glasgow.

Extreme Weather:

Scotland’s transport secretary has claimed that extreme weather had an impact on the train derailment.

The driver apparently contacted control to ask permission to switch tracks. It’s believed the train reversed and switched to clearer tracks and then continued on its route to Glasgow.

Then it is thought the train hit a landslide and derailed.

Network Rail said it will carry out checks as an immediate precaution following the crash. Specialist inspections will be carried out on higher risk railway embankments. The inspection will also involve a helicopter survey.

The Queen, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon have led tributes to those killed in the crash.

In recent years incidents like this on the UK’s railways have become incredibly rare. The last major derailment was in 2007 in Cumbria.