Partygoers stone man to death with landscaping bricks after he opened fire killing one and injuring three

A man was stoned to death after he opened fire at a party killing one and injuring three others.

The incident was reported in Fort Worth, Texas on Sunday night. The gunman reportedly became upset and left.

He however returned at 1am, armed with a gun and opened fire in the backyard injuring at least one individual.

While attempting to flee, partygoers picked bricks from a pile that was supposed to be used for landscaping and attacked the man.

The group soon caught up with the gunman.

He opened fire once again, hitting three people. One of the gunshot victims died at the scene.

The other shooting victims have been admitted to the hospital, police said one of the three victims suffers from life threatening injuries and remained critical.

The gunman and the victims are yet to be named.

‘Last night’s incident could have happened anywhere in the city, it just happened in Como,’ Councilman for District 3 Michael Crain said in a statement on Monday.

Crime is increasing across the board, he added.