Parrot gets new pair of wings to fly again

A veterinarian helped a twelve-week-old parrot to take a flight again after a ‘severe wing trim’ left it unable to fly.

The vet, named Catherine Apuli, made it happen by giving the bird a new pair of wingtips made from donated feathers, reported Mail Online.

Owners birds, which are pet, have their wings clipped to have it prevented from flying and injuring themselves.

Due to this wing trimming, the bird had sustained heavy falls to the ground, which could have injured it badly.

In order to make the bird fit for flying, the doctor assembled the new wing tips with glue while Wei Wei was unconscious. Repairing the wings of a bird by attaching a new one is a centuries-old practice and birds also don’t suffer pain while undergoing this.

The doctor said that the trimming of primary flight feathers may result in pain, bleeding, and unwanted aggressive behaviours. She went on to add that the repairing procedure, known as ‘imping’, was performed to save the parrot from further physical injury and to regain flight for optimal mental and physical health.

Catherine also said that the donated feathers were cleaned, sterilised and dried prior to preparation, adding that the base of the wings was cut to allow the entry of a wooden toothpick, securing its place with glue.

During the procedure, the parrot was given an anaesthesia so that it did not move. Following the surgery, Wei Wei was placed in a heated room of the hospital for a couple of hours before encouraged to fly.