Parents name their new-born son HTML as a tribute to web developers

When parents come up with weird and unusual names for their children, it always garners media attention. Recently, a new mom and dad in the Philippines named their new-born son ‘HTML’.

According to a viral post put out by the aunt on Facebook, the baby boy was born earlier this month and has been named Hypertext Markup Language Rayo Pascual (HTML).

Sincerely Pascual from Santa Maria, Bulacan introduced her nephew to the world while sharing a cute picture of the infant.

According to reports, credit for the unique name goes to the father, Mac Pascual, who is reportedly a web developer.

In an interview, Pascual revealed that her family has a history of giving unique names. She said that her brother Mac’s real name is Macaroni 85 while her sister’s name is Spaghetti 88.

According to the report, Pascual’s sister Spaghetti has two children with names inspired by cheese. They have been named Cheese Pimiento and Parmesan Cheese and have nicknames Chippy and Peewee respectively. This is not it; they also have cousins who have been named Design and Research.