Parents force feed their 3-year-old to create viral videos for social media

Parents of a 3-year-old in southern China have been heavily criticsed for force-feeding their child and filming it in a bid to rake in profits through social media.

The parents had set up an account on the Chinese social media, Xigua Video, in 2019 and they would often take to the platform to upload Pei Qi’s eating videos of fried chicken, hamburgers, sausages, instant noodles and grilled meats.

Viral reports also suggest that in certain videos the toddler would beg her parents not to force feed her anymore but they wouldn’t stop.

The parents, who have reportedly tried to make Pei Qi weighing 35kgs, reach upto 50 kgs and in the process.

A Sanghai-based pediatrician stated that such an obesity could be a precursor to diabetes, hypertension, even cardiovascular complexities in the later age.

Pei Qi’s parents have denied such allegations saying that their daughter is in a ‘healthy state’ and the videos were done for fun.

A human rights organisation working towards the rights of women an children have taken up the matter for further investigation. The social media account has also been suspended.