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Pakistani singer threatens PM Modi with snakes, crocodiles fined for illegal captivity of reptiles

Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada’s move who used snakes and crocodiles to threaten Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the Kashmir issue backfired after authorities fined her for posing with reptiles.

Local Pakistani media reported that the singer has been asked to pay fines by the wildlife department for illegal captivity of the reptiles.

Pirzada, posted a video on Youtube earlier this month raising the Kashmir issue and was seen holding a snake and saying: “All these are gifts for PM Modi. My friends will feast on you.”

She began the video by saying a Kashmiri woman and her snakes are ready to take on India. Several snakes and crocodiles can also be seen lying on the table in the video.

If convicted, Pirzada could be jailed for up to five years and fined as well.

The singer has, however, claimed that the reptiles don’t belong to her and she had rented them for the video.

The singer who is upset with authorities justified that she “appeared in several news channels along with these snakes in the past five years .. no one bothered to take action then .. and unfortunately, now since I have warned Modi.”

The singer said she has not received anything in written from the wildlife department and would explore legal action if she receives something.

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