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Pakistani news channel accuses actor Aamir Khan of murder

In what turned out to be a case of mistaken identity, Indian actor Aamir Khan’s photo was shown as that of the murder accused MQM leader named Amir Khan by a Pakistani TV channel.

On realising their mistake, the channel was quick to change the image on their screens but by then a screenshot bearing the actor’s image along with the description was shared by a Pak Journalist and it soon went viral on social media.

Pakistan journalist Naila Inayat tweeted the image, “Headline: After 17 years MQM leader Amir Khan exonerated in a murder case. Didn’t know Indian actor Amir Khan was in Pakistan for the last 17 years..”

The channel was heavily criticized for the blunder. But neither has the actor spoken about the incident nor the channel apologized for the error.

Aamir like the rest of the film industry is currently waiting for the lockdown in India to be lifted before they can resume work. He was shooting for Laal Singh Chaddha, an official remake of ‘Forest Gump’.