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Pakistan watchman-cum-popcorn seller arrested for testing his homemade airplane

A popcorn seller in Pakistan is waiting for the his country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to allow him to fly his homemade plane after the police stopped him from performing an unauthorized take-off.

On the 4th of April, the police returned the plane they had confiscated from Muhammad Fayaz on 31st of March, after stopping him from taking off using a metal link road as a makeshift runway near his village.

The 30 year old man dreamt of becoming an Air Force pilot and flying an airplane since he was in school. However, he had to drop out before he could finish his senior year due to poverty.

“Whenever I looked up to watch planes overhead, I longed to fly one myself. And then I thought I should use the creativity that God has bestowed on me to build my own plane and fly it,” Fayaz told Pakistani press.

Fayaz, who lives in Punjab province’s Pakpattan, spent around Rs. 90,000 Pakistani rupees ($636) by taking a bank loan, selling a piece of his land and few of his savings, to build this plane.

To fulfil his childhood dream, he took on a job as a night watchman, alongside selling popcorn in the day.

Fayaz began to build his plane over a year ago at home without any technical help from anyone.

He learned the basic rules of air pressure and flying techniques with the help of experiments that he carried out on his own, including one when he was in the fifth standard and was riding on the passenger seat of his father’s motorcycle on his way to school.

Fayaz also watched National Geographic channel’s “Air Crash Investigation” show to learn about why planes crashed and to understand the different parts of an aircraft and their functions.

He had also closely examined a grounded Pakistan International Airline plane that was displayed for public viewing at the Chauburji square in Lahore.

Fayaz had initially planned to take off on his maiden flight with his single seater plane  which sports a national flag on the 23rd of March.

However, his application to the police and other security agencies seeking permission for the flight was never acknowledged. Fayaz said he conducted an unauthorized test flight around a year ago with a smaller engine and made some rounds of his village.

The CAA said they appreciated the passion and skills of the “mini airplane” maker and would provide him the required guidance to achieve more expertise in the field.

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