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Pakistan Seeks Forgiveness After India Stops Tomato Supply “Tauba Tauba”

A Pakistani journalist from CITY42 TV vents his anger live on television over the rising tomato prices in Pakistan.

The rant is hyper and hilarious, the man goes on to say that Pakistan is ready to use nuclear weapons against India for stopping the supply of tomatoes.

He uses the words ‘Tauba tauba’ multiple times, these words are used during an unpleasant conversation and it means ‘forgive me’ or ‘god forbid’.

Farmers from Madhya Pradesh’s Jhabua district, Delhi’s Azadpur Mandi (India’s largest wholesale market for agriculture produce) and farmers from Karnataka’s Kolar have decided not to export any vegetables to Pakistan.

The price for a kilogram of tomatoes is being sold at Rs. 180-250 in Pakistan, whereas in India the price is Rs. 10-20 per kilogram. India usually exports close to 3000 tons of tomato each day to Pakistan. Due to excessive shortage the price of tomatoes have increased drastically.

After the Pulwama attacks in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which was sponsored by Pakistani terrorist outfit killed 40 Indian CRPF personnel on the 14th of February. Since then India stepped up diplomatic pressure to isolate Pakistan from the international community.

India first withdrew the Most Favoured Nation (MFN), then raised customs duty to 200 percent on any trade with Pakistan. Also India looks to expedite the construction of three dams along the rivers shared with Pakistan to stop excess Indian share of water from entering Pakistan.