Pakistan police launch probe in ‘joint suicide’ of sisters-in-law

The Pakistani police have launched an investigation into the apparent joint suicide of two young women in one of the poorest areas of the country”s south.

The bodies of Nathu Bai and Veeru Bai were found on their farm in the Thar region, where they lived.

The area predominantly populated by low-caste Hindus.

It is unclear why the women took their lives. They were married to two brothers who worked as farm hands for a local landowner near the town of Islamkot.

Police say they don’t have a motive for why the women took their lives in the village of Kehri on Sunday. Veeru Bai had a baby son.

Nathu Bai and Veeru Bai were in their early twenties and married to two brothers, Chaman Kohli and Pehlaj Kohli. Veeru Bai”s son was a year old.

For the last six months the couples had been living on the farm some distance away from the village to help harvest the maize crops.

The Southern Thar region is prone to suicides. This year alone 59 people were killed themselves, including 38 women and two children. In 2018, some 198 suicides were reported.

Common reasons cited are increasing poverty, and population displacements caused by coal mining projects.

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