Pakistan Navy Claims Detecting Indian Navy Submarine In Pakistan Waters

Pakistan Navy today claimed to have detected an attempt by an Indian Navy submarine to enter Pakistani waters.

The Pakistani Navy Spokesperson said, "The Pakistan Navy used its specialised skills to ward off the submarine, successfully keeping it from entering Pakistani waters".

The Spokesperson added that, "the Indian submarine was not targeted keeping in view Pakistan's policy of peace."

Pakistan also released a video footage of the purportedly of the Indian submarine shot from air. It shows the mast of a submarine above water.

Initial scrutiny of the video indicates that the  video is from 2016, and seems to be a propaganda stunt by the Pakistan military.

The tensions between India and Pakistan remain high following the Indian Air Strikes at the  Jaish-e-Mohammad's terror camps in Balakot in Pakistan. 

On Monday, Pakistan reported of bombs dropped at Fort Abbas, however later Indian Air Force clarified that a Sukhoi 30MKI shot down a drone that strayed into India along the border near Bikaner. The objects found at Fort Abbas was believed to be debri of the missile that shot down the drone.