Owner uses ‘Earth Excavator’ to rescue his pet dog stuck in rabbit hole for over 30 hours

A man used an ‘Earth Excavator’ to rescue his dog from a rabbit hole after it went missing.

The dog named Dizzy went out with its owner at a nature reserve in England’s Stourport-on-Severn.

When the 54-year-old pet owner, Duncan Flowers, was going towards the car after a walk with Dizzy, the pet dog decided to go to a hedge. She then vanished out of sight.

The Sun reported that it was common for Dizzy to chase rabbits at the site but when she did not return, a worried Duncan started looking for her. However, it was to no respite.

Then, the other dog walkers at the natural reserve also started helping Duncan in finding his cute dog of the cocker spaniel breed, but were unsuccessful.

The next day, Duncan came back with 24 of his friends. The concerned pet owner also borrowed a drainage camera and a heavy construction machine, a JCB from his friends in bid to find Dizzy.

The group was able to locate a rabbit warren, suspecting that Dizzy must be inside, the group asked for the owner’s permission to dig it. Their efforts gave results once Dizzy was found 20 feet under the ground and was reunited with Duncan after being missing for 30 hours.

“I’m delighted to have her back. I thought she was lost forever,” an emotional Duncan said after finding her.

The emotional moment brought tears to the eyes of Duncan and his friends who were out there digging for three hours to find Dizzy.

After her ordeal Dizzy soaks the Sun