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Over 100 vehicles struck by mysterious projectiles on California freeway last month

Officials are investigating more than 100 reports of vehicles being struck by projectiles along a busy Southern California freeway over the last month.

California Highway Patrol Officer Jake Sanchez said shootings from a BB or pellet gun have been reported on the 91 Freeway in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.

Damage from the shootings has ranged from shattered windows and windshields to vehicle body damage. At least one person suffered a minor injury in one incident, California Highway Patrol Officer Dan Olivas said.

“It’s a huge safety issue,” Olivas said. “That’s a very shocking event to happen while you’re driving along, and could cause a driver to lose control or create an even worse situation.”

A CHP vehicle was among those hit in a shooting in Santa Ana.

There doesn’t seem to be a common pattern in terms of the vehicles struck, Olivas said. It’s been all types and scattered across three counties and during different times of the day, he said.

Because the incidents have occurred over a widespread area, it is unclear whether the suspect or suspects are shooting from the freeway itself, an overpass, or nearby, Sanchez said.

CHP is warning drivers to be extra cautious and extra vigilant, especially in the morning hours when many of the incidents have been reported.