Ottawa police rush to save screaming child but it turned out to be…

Police in Canada, on receiving reports of a child screaming, rushed to save the distressed kid. What they found at the site instead has left many social media users amused.

CBC News reports that Ottawa police went to check out a report of a child calling for help on January 27. The complainant called the police to say he could hear sounds of a child screaming from a wooded area near his property.

Police personnel reached the spot and searched, but could not find any child. “Officers searched in the dark but didn’t hear anything, nor did they find a child in distress,” the Ottawa Police Service said in a statement released Monday.

However, they did manage to find the reason behind the screams. It was a different kind of kid – a goat with its head stuck in a fence who was crying for help.

According to Ottawa Police, a farmer at a house nearby told cops that his goat had been screaming earlier. “When he checked, he found the animal with its head stuck in the fence. The farmer said the sound could be mistaken for a child screaming,” the police said.

Officers went to check out the goat and found it had been trapped “exactly where the complainant reported the sound coming from.”

“All kidding aside, police are reminding residents to report suspicious activity immediately so we can check it out,” said Ottawa Police Service in their statement. “It’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

In February last year, a team of police officers from North East Police Division in Scotland responded to reports of a tiger on the loose. On reaching the spot and engaging in a 45-minute ‘standoff’, the cops realised that the tiger was actually just a huge stuffed toy.