Oscar-nominated projects no longer eligible for Emmy Awards from 2021

In what could truly be a turning point for Hollywood projects, Oscar-nominated projects will no longer be eligible to compete for Emmy Awards starting in 2021.

The Television Academy clarified on Thursday, a couple of days after Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ okayed some streaming films to compete in the race next year thanks to theatres shutting down and production houses having no other alternative but to release their films on streaming platforms.

But what will be the effect of Emmys’ decision? The documentary section will face the biggest blow and not features so much as overlap of accolades for non-fiction projects has been significant.

The TV Academy noted that this change had predated The Academy’s coronavirus-inspired move to allow films without theatrical distribution to compete. They said in a statement, “The Television Academy supports the recent decision from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to allow feature films, originally intended for theatrical distribution but made available via streaming or video on demand during the current pandemic crisis, to compete at the 2021 Oscars.”

“Further, the Television Academy ruled in March that effective in 2021, programs that have been nominated for an Oscar will no longer be eligible for the Emmys competition.”