Oregon man arrested for starting at least 7 bushfires with Molotov cocktail

An Oregon man was arrested after he admitted to setting a bushfire along a highway, as wildfires burn through large parts of the West Coast.

Police said he set six more blazes.

45-year-old, Domingo Lopez Jr was booked on Sunday after witnesses said he set a section of grass along the I-205 freeway on fire with what appears to be a Molotov Cocktail, according to a report by the Portland Police Bureau.

Lopez admitted to lighting the fire, and he was booked on charges of reckless burning and disorderly conduct in the second degree, according to the report.

12 hours after he was released, he was arrested once again accused of setting six more small fires, all along the same freeway.

“Portland Fire and Rescue extinguished three of them while passing community members put out the other three. All were caught early. No one was injured and no structures were burnt. Officers located Domingo Lopez, Junior walking along the shoulder and arrested him. They seized a lighter as evidence,” a report said.

Wildfires are wrecking havoc on the West Coast of the US, consuming more than 1 million acres of land in Oregon alone. After weeks of the blazes, dozens of people have gone missing and at least 36 have died across California, Washington and Oregon.