Opinion- How can India avenge Pulwama attacks?

Background –

Forty-Four brave CRPF soldiers were killed and many others injured when terrorists targeted the convoy of 2,500 soldiers at Awantipora in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama district.

A Mahindra Scorpio carried 350 kilograms of explosives and rammed straight into the convoy of the CRFP who were on their way to Srinagar. Photographs of the scenes uploaded on social media were extremely disturbing, charred remains and body parts been collected and carried away.

The President, the Prime Minister and people from all walks of life have strongly condemned this violent terror attack.

 Opinion –

No words can comfort the grieving families. Such deadly coward attack on our brave men should not be taken lightly, or with chin down.

The enemies of our nation must remember, that we won’t take things lightly this time around, and from here onwards. The perpetrators and traitors of India who committed this grave crime must face no law or justice, they don’t deserve any jail time or hearings of the judiciary. Instant public hanging of these criminals must me made mandatory to instil fear among future potential traitors.

It’s very well established that no organization operating with our nation could plan such kinds of attacks. Our neighbour Pakistan feeds and nurtures them, they must pay the price this time around.

– We should enhance the military forces, increase frequency of surgical strikes and launch missiles to destroy their launch pads. Rare surgical strikes like Uri no more is the option, they must be more regular.

If Pakistan is not going to do anything, and if they sit with folded arms it’s our responsibility to use our resources and assets against them for keeping mum and siding with monsters. We crossed 70 years of our independence and it’s important to squares with them all at once.

We ought to need to learn like the U.S. and do remote controlled strikes, drones and bomb their strongholds like how U.S. operate in Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere.

– India should hit where it hurts the most. Cut down funding and money sources, cripple their economy and demand for an international isolation. These are the only means by which we can handcuff Pakistan to do what we want.

– We should stop exporting/importing in general trading with them and sharing resources. We need to build dams, and divert the waters of the Indus and its tributaries. It’s important they realise the importance of water when they get thirsty.

Protest aids and funds handed out to Pakistan. Boycott nations who trade with them, it’s time these nations made a choice India or Pakistan. It’s okay to cut ties with nations who buy Pakistani goods U.S.A, China, UAE and Saudi Arabia etc. etc.

It’s also important to name and shame them on all international forums right from United Nations, all the way up to bilateral meetings with other nations. In bold beautiful letters they should all make a commitment to boycott Pakistan.

Isolate them so badly that they begin to act, if not like ’71 change their demography once and for all.

It’s important to stop playing sports with them. I’d want to see India boycott the world cup match against Pakistan this year, because national pride is more than a game of cricket, no matter if it’s in the world cup.

It’s bad to brand entire Pakistan bad. My message to the good Pakistani’s out there, I know you hope for peace and tranquility between our two nations, so do I. However please understand talks can’t be heard when there are blasts and attacks. It’s time you fight your terrorist military regime before we intervene like in the past to set things in order.