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One-third of global population could reside in deadly hot areas by 2070, new study finds

As a new study suggests that in 50 years nearly 2 billion to 3.5 billion of the world population will be living in the climate with record temperature that will be too hot to be handle. These people will mostly be poor and cannot afford air conditioning.

According to ecologist Marten Scheffer of Wageningen University in the Netherlands who is also the co-author of the study, the global average annual temperature has been rising by one-degree celsius due to the climate change caused by human activities which will result in such situation.

The number of people could vary on how much does carbon dioxide reduce and the population grows by 2070.

As the world population and carbon pollution are growing on a faster rate the National Academy of Sciences has predicted nearly 3.5 billion people that represent one-third of the global population will live in extremely hot areas by 2070.

International scientists deeply studied humans as they would to bears, birds and bees to understand the “climate niche” where a species flourish. The researchers went 6,000 years back to find a ‘sweet spot’ of temperatures for humans to habitat and they showed that climate between 11 to 15-degree Celsius is hospitable for the humans to survive.

The humans can live in a less or more temperature that the sweet spot but the farther it goes the harder it gets.

The scientists also looked at places projected where the temperature could be hotter than the sweet spot and they found out that the area constitutes less than 1 per cent of Earth’s land and was near the Sahara Desert and includes Mecca, Saudi Arabia where the average temperature is more than 29-degree celsius. Currently 20 million lives in these areas.

But with the growing population and rising temperature, large areas of Africa, Asia, South America and Australia could be in a similar temperature zone.