On campaign trail actress Hema Malini plays farmer and tractor driver

Bollywood Actress, who is fighting the Lok Sabha elections to retain the seat of Mathura constituency for BJP, Hema Malini, was trolled on social media after a photograph of her driving a tractor in the fields were captured.

Hema Malini, 70, had her hands on the steering wheel, wearing a pink sari, sunglasses and a smile.

The tractor had two unusual machines, that looked like air coolers or blowers. It grabbed the attention of National Conference leader Omar Abdullah, who commented, “What are those drums on the side? Please don’t tell me those are mist generators for cool air? Wow, that’s one fancy tractor.”

Hema Malini is contesting from Mathura for the second time. She won in 2014 against the Rashtriya Lok Dal’s Jayant Chaudhary.

Many voters complained that they hardly saw the former filmstar-dancer in the past five years, and that little work had been done in the constituency.

In some other photos earlier, Hema Malini was seen cutting crops with women on fields and greeting people through the sunroof of her Mercedes. Her oppositions accused her of putting up an act in poll season.

Defending the images, Hema Malini said that she doesn’t quite see this kind of environment back in Mumbai. She in a sense was excited being in the village atmosphere.

Hema Malini taking shelter from the sun
Hema Malini in the fields

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