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Old pictures of Canadian actor Akshay Kumar surface on board Indian Navy’s Presidential vessel

Congress head for digital media Divya Spandana on Thursday cited an example of Canadian actor Akshay Kumar to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in response to his allegations against former PM Rajiv Gandhi. She posted pictures of Mr. Kumar on board the presidential yacht INS Sumitra, and asked whether it was proper to take a “Canadian citizen” onboard a navy warship.

This came after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused Rajiv Gandhi, the father of the Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, for using the INS Viraat as his as a personal taxi for family vacations in 1987. He added that the  aircraft carrier was used by his friends and Italian mother-in-law were with him.

However, these 35 year old allegations were rebutted by the former administrator of Lakshadweep and also a retired Vice Admiral Vinod Pasricha, who said that Rajiv Gandhi was on an official visit on INS Viraat and not on a vacation.

The Congress further targeted Modi after a RTI revealed that PM Modi used Air Force jets at a cost as low as INR₹ 744.

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