Ohio man adopts 5 siblings so they are not separated from each other

A man who grew up alone in foster care recently adopted five siblings, so they do not feel the same pain or struggles as him.

Robert Carter, 29, is a salon owner from Cincinnati, Ohio. He grew up in foster care, separated from his biological siblings. He was 12 years old when he was placed in the foster care system, a temporary family for those without parents, and forced away from eight of his siblings.

In 2018, he became a temporary guardian of three boys. After fostering them for a while, he learned they had two sisters with whom they’d been separated for six months. Later, he decided they should not feel the same heartache as him and planned to reunite the trio with their two sisters. He found out the girls’ foster mother and set-up a play date for the five.

“The kids saw each other and started hugging and crying and wouldn’t let go. That was the moment I said, Okay I’m going to take all five,” he said in an interview. Once he had them all together, he went through the process of adopting them all so that they are never separated again.

Now, they are one, big happy family. His kids are Marionna (ten), Robert Junior (nine), Makayla (eight), Giovanni (five) and Kiontae (four). They were adopted on October 30.

The adoption and foster care system shared the news and lauded Robert for his selfless deed.

Robert is gay and he says he knew from a young age that if he wanted to be a father, he’d have to adopt. However, he recently split with his partner Kiontae Gillan who was a part of the family until three months ago. Though Robert says he is still ‘papa’ to the kids.

Robert, who had eight siblings till the age of 12, didn’t see them again till he was 16 while in the foster system. “I know the pain of being separated too well and I could not let that happen to them,” he confessed.

Though people expressed their concern and said he was too young to do it, or the task would be too difficult, he says he enjoys ‘every moment of it.’ He understands he will have to think of finances and housing and has received help from people from crowdfunding websites.