Officers called in to revive unresponsive plastic lizard

An officer of England’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) had to face a strange situation when he was called to rescue an unresponsive lizard.

After sighting the reptile, people called up RSPCA and requested them to rescue the lizard as it was scaring them.

Soon an officer named Ben Jones was assigned to deal with the situation. After reaching the spot, Jones was surprised to see that the reptile was not real. It was made of plastic.

The whole incident was shared on the Twitter account of RSPCA. “Ben Jones was called out to an unresponsive lizard in Coventry today. The lizard was indeed unresponsive… and made of plastic,” read the caption.

Along with the tweet, the RSPCA shared an image of the “unresponsive lizard.”

Sometimes back, in a similar incident, England’s Kent county police and a helicopter had been deployed to catch a tiger. But, soon the rescuers had a good laugh after they ended up discovering a life-sized sculpture of a tiger.