Octopus almost rips Chinese food blogger’s face in a Youtube live video

Chinese food blogger trying who wanted to go viral by trying to eat an octopus alive was for a shock when the octopus turned on her and almost ripped her face off.

Either way the blogger is an internet sensation now.

The woman was apparently live-streaming herself eating the live octopus, but then in the middle of her food expedition the octopus latched itself on to her face with its tentacles.

The video shows the octopus sticking hard onto the woman’s face, as she tries to remove it. The octopus at one stage almost ripped her face off in the process.

The food blogger was screaming in pain, and at one point the her lower eyelid stretches to a shocking degree. She eventually managed to get the octopus out from her face, but she was left with a small cut on her left cheek.

The video first went viral on Chinese social media application Weibo, then it went viral on all social media platforms.

Live octopus is a delicacy in Asian countries but it’s known to be  a choking hazard, because it can cause tentacle pieces to stick in a person’s throat.

Source : Various