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Nurse accused of theft appears on virtual court hearing giving butt injection

The coronavirus pandemic has moved physical meetings over virtual platforms and often goof-ups are captured which go viral.

In one such incident, a nurse from Florida was seen performing a butt injection on a man when she appeared for her virtual court hearing.

Niruka was appearing for a case of a third-degree grand theft charge.

Ed Griffith, a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office, said that it appeared during the waiting period prior to the case being brought before the judge, Niurka was involved in some kind of procedure involving a male receiving an injection in the buttocks, which she appears to have inadvertently broadcast via Zoom.

Ed also mentioned that it was needless to say that everyone involved in the Zoom court call was surprised.

This is not the first time that a virtual court has witnessed this kind of goof-up. In an earlier virtual court meeting from February, a Texas lawyer had a kitten filter on his face during a Zoom hearing.

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