Now the mysterious monolith has POPPED itself on the riverbank of Vistula in Warsaw

Now the mysterious metal monolith has popped up on a riverbank in the Polish capital Warsaw after making several appearances in Europe and The Americas.

Residents noticed the triangular pillar along the Vistula river while jogging during the morning.

The structure is about 10 feet in height, has a dull silver-coloured surface, is held together by screws and is planted in the sand of the riverbank near a major bridge.

“A mysterious and unusual installation has emerged on the beach on the right (river) bank,” Warsaw’s Vistula district authorities said on their Facebook page.

“If you spend your time actively on the Vistula river, it won’t escape your attention,” they added, without elaborating.

The first of this series of monoliths was spotted by Utah’s Department of Public Safety officers last month. These officers were in a chopper carrying out a survey when they discovered the mysterious monolith out of nowhere. It was a regular wildlife assistance trip that turned out to be not so regular after all.

Photos of all these monoliths have sparked considerable interest among people on social media. Many found an alien connection to this monolith phenomena and some even convinced that an alien invasion is about to happen.