Now 7-foot tall monolith made of gingerbread mysteriously appears on San Francisco hilltop

A seven foot tall monolith made of gingerbread mysteriously appeared on a San Francisco hilltop on Christmas Day and collapsed the next day.

The tower held together by icing and decorated with a few gumdrops, delighted the city on Friday when word spread about its existence.

During his morning run, Ananda Sharma told KQED-FM he climbed to Corona Heights Park to see the sunrise when he spotted what he thought was a big post. He said he smelled the scent of gingerbread before realizing what it was.

“It made me smile. I wonder who did it, and when they put it there,” he said.

People trekked to the park throughout the day, even as light rain fell on the ephemeral, edible art object.

Phil Ginsburg, head of city’s Recreation and Parks Department, told KQED the site “looks like a great spot to get baked” and confirmed his staff will not remove the monument “until the cookie crumbles.”

The first of this series of monoliths was spotted by Utah’s Department of Public Safety officers last month. These officers were in a chopper carrying out a survey when they discovered the mysterious monolith out of nowhere. It was a regular wildlife assistance trip that turned out to be not so regular after all.

Photos of all these monoliths have sparked considerable interest among people on social media. Many found an alien connection to this monolith phenomena and some even convinced that an alien invasion is about to happen.