Norwegian man sets world record by singing for 50 hours straight

Norwegian Elvis Presley impersonator set a world record  by singing the legendary entertainer’s songs for more than 50 hours straight in an online competition.

Kjell Henning C, whose stage name is Kjell Elvis, sang non-stop for 50 hours, 50 minutes and 50 seconds, smashing the previous record, recognised by the Guinness Book of Records.

The previous record was broken by more than seven hours.

“I’ll never do this again”, Bjornestad, dressed in an Elvis costume, told Norwegian television after completing his performance early Saturday in an Oslo bar.

Bjornestad, who is 52, had set two Elvis singing records before. The last time, in 2003, it took 26 hours of nonstop performing to come out on top.

This time, he called on fans to make donations during the event which are to be used in part to finance a hospital in Myanmar.

Elvis Presley, who died in 1977 and was known as “The King”, was among the 20th century’s cultural icons.

He had dozens of number one hits and sold more than 146 million albums and won more gold albums than anybody else.