Norway Clay Landslide: Rescue crew find sixth body as search continues for missing survivors

Rescue crew found a sixth body while searching for the missing after a massive landslide that destroyed homes in Norway last week, police said.

Four bodies were discovered on Friday and Saturday, and another two on Sunday. The first victim to be found was named as Eirik Grønole, 31.

Four people remain missing following the hillside collapse that sent mud into the village of Ask on Wednesday.

Rescuers are working to find survivors, but chances of this are fading.

The conditions have also proved challenging, with temperatures dropping to -1C and the clay ground proving too unstable for emergency workers to walk on.

The head of the rescue operation, Goran Syversen on Sunday said: “We are working hard in the depression created by the landslide.

“We have five teams working at the same time. They are doing very difficult work which is not without risk. Nevertheless, we are making good progress.”

The king and queen of Norway visited the site of the landslide on Sunday.

“I’m having trouble finding something to say, because it’s absolutely horrible,” King Harald said after the visit.

“This terrible event impacts us all. I sympathise with you who are beginning the new year with sadness and uncertainty,” he said in a televised statement.

Police on Friday published a list of the missing which comprise eight adults, a two-year-old and a 13-year-old child, the AFP news agency reports.

Among them is a woman who was talking to her husband on the phone while walking the dog when the line went dead, according to Bergens Tidende newspaper.

Further reports say a 69-year-old woman and a couple and their small child are also missing, as well as a woman in her 50s and her adult son.

One survivor, Odd Steinar Sørengen, said his daughter was still missing. “I wish I could swap places with” her, he said, adding that he had been told by the police not to give up hope on finding her alive.

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