North Korea ‘secretly stockpiling nuclear warheads’ amid fresh tensions

A new report claims that North Korea has been covertly stashing nuclear warheads during new tensions with South Korea.

The rogue state is thought to have produced an additional ten warheads at a secret uranium enrichment facility in Kangson, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Pyongyang has refused to officialise the site in several occasions, causing discussions with the US to founder during the countries’ second meeting.

Exploding the liaison office, which was jointly created by North and South Korea in 2018, is Pyongyang’s latest shock move.

Mr Kim is thought to be planning more attacks, after the leader threatened to destroy other facilities built by South Korea.

Other potential strategies include renewing missile testing and calling off plans for a combined Olympic team next year in Tokyo.

North Korea has also been transferring troops to the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) that divides the two countries.

It has even gone as far as to threaten to occupy the buffer region.

Two year ago, Mr Kim seemed to be trying to open up the country to the rest of the world by holding discussions with South Korean president Moon Jae-in and US president Donald Trump.

War fears were also sparked in 2017 when Trump’s threated “fire and fury” for North Korea.

The creation of the liaison offside in the corner was seen as a key stem to facilitate communication between the two nations.

However, tensions began to rise again over the past few months and North Korea escalated them further.

It seems as if all the de-escalation efforts has been futile after the liaison office was blown up in a fresh attack against South Korea.

North Korea has made it clear that it had no intentions to abandon its nuclear weapons ahead of talks with both the US and South Korea.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute researchers estimate North Korea now has an collection of between 30 to 40 nukes – ten more than the calculation from 2019.

Mr Kim had destroyed a nuclear site in Yongbyon, but the site is believed to have been outdated.

The US has deployed three aircraft carriers in the Pacific, as the two nations in the Korean peninsula renew their tensions.

USS Ronald Reagan, USS Theodore Roosevelt and USS Nimitz are all deployed in what is the biggest demonstration of sea power since fears of conflict were at their highest point in 2017.

Mr Kim’s sister is thought to have been the one planning the attack on the South.

Yo-jong criticised the President Moon, and added that South Korea was of “pro-US flunkeyism”.

She is thought to be attempting to solidify her leadership by assuming the South as she occupies the position of Mr Kim’s de facto number two.

North Korea this week published images of the destruction to the liaison office, which was renovated as part of a peace agreement for £6.8million ($8.6million).

Kim You-geun, deputy director of South Korea’s national security office, said the move as a “betrayal” of all those who wanted harmony between the two countries.

“We make it clear that the responsibility for anything that could happen because of the act lies entirely with the North Korean side,” he said.